Quality care of animals is our prime concern

We take good care of our animals’ well-being by providing modern, spacious and airy cowsheds. Cows are able to rest comfortably in deep straw beds. The result of our knowledge is quality food. With preventive measures, we improve the health condition of our animals. This reflects in high quality milk with a great taste.

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A farm visit

By appointment, we are happy to host groups of children and adults to show them the farm, educate them and offer tastings of our milk and dairy products, which they can also purchase. We also prepare workshops for groups of children, during which they learn about the importance of the farm in an age-appropriate way.

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Milk and dairy products

Naturally produced

The milk from the Potočnik farm is naturally produced and nothing is taken from it and nothing is added. The carefully prepared feed composed of a mixture of cereals and grasses gives the milk a pleasant taste. The average annual milk content is 4 % fat and 3,5 % protein, depending on the season. To ensure the quality of our milk, we also take care of preventive examinations of milk and blood.

We sell our products directly

We sell milk and dairy products to several public institutions nearby, among others a local kindergarten. The reason we opt to sell our products directly is the benefits we see in a short supply chain: we believe that local food is better. In this way, food does not lose its quality due to transportation and conservation and does not require additives to stay fresh, which are harmful to our health.

About the farm

Our story

The dairy farm lies 650 metres above sea level in the village of Zavodnje, above the town of Šoštanj, in the Styria region. For more than 40 years our main activity has been milk production. With natural milk and dairy products, we strive to raise awareness of the importance of self-sufficiency with quality local food produced in Slovenia.

In the modern cowsheds there are 60 dairy cows, the rest are heifers and steer. Annually we produce about 700,000 litres of milk.

Our tradition

We are proud of
our successes in cattle breeding

They are the results of dedicated farming over several generations.

Our livestock –
our concern

Our farm consists of 120 head of cattle, of which there are 60 dairy cows. Animals represent an important part of our cohabitation at the farm. Besides cattle, we also have hens, a pig, two cats, a dog and a horse.

Anolith and Catholith

Environmentally friendly disinfection in milk production

On the farm, we also provide hygiene with the use of Anolyte biocide, which is environmentally friendly, cheap and extremely efficient. Disinfection is carried out permanently and for this purpose we produce Anolyte ourselves, from water and salt, by means of electricity, with the Envirolyte ELA-900. Since we use Anolyte for both ingestion on the farm and also for our animals, we allow our customers to receive a free sample.

What is Anolyte?

Anolyte is a biocide in the form of a clear liquid, registered with the Chemicals Department of the Republic of Slovenia for several uses, including in animal husbandry and drinking water for people – that is, for the highest safety and environmental requirements. Since Anolyte is a mixture of 99.69 % water, 0.26 % kitchen salt and half of the active ingredient, it is non-toxic and non-aggressive. At the same time, Envirolyte ELA-900 also produces Catholyte, which is a basic liquid and suitable for use as a delicate detergent.

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